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Training Plan

Take your training to another level with a triathlon/running personalized plan. Our gol-oriented an with a programming and 100% individualized program will let you exploit your true potential. Platforms All in Your Mind, Training Peaks and WKO5.

Goal-oriented training plan

The purpose of this type of plan is to schedule a totally personalized tour in relation to your characteristics, level, experience and availability, so that you can achieve your sporting goals with the greatest of guarantees. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, with challenges in endurance sports, such as Triathlon, Ironman, Ironman 70.3, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k, during the training process we will work together to adapt your personal training plan to your particular needs such as sportsman.

Know what is my method to achieve it

Without proper control and communication there can be no individualization

Knowing the athlete is key in the training process, and for this reason I prioritize closeness, communication and control of the athlete’s feedback. An athlete who can rest 10 hours a day is not the same as another who has a family, a job and barely gets 7 hours of sleep, even though these two have a similar Physiological Profile and level of performance.

Your self-perceived daily exertion and training execution most likely have nothing to do with each other, and will require different stimuli and load cycles. An athlete will acquire greater consistency and progress in their performance if we take all these variables into account.

State-of-the-art tools

To help us in the planning tasks, training programming and feedback recording, we have the All In Your Mind platform (being a partner of the brand in Barcelona). So that the athlete can access his prescribed program, know his training zones, record his sensations or see the evolution of his fitness, we provide him with the “AIYM Athlete” personal training App with an individual user account.

Training analysis is carried out through well-known applications such as Training Peaks and WKO5, specialists in this field. As part of the control, periodic performance evaluations are carried out, either in the laboratory or during key training sessions. In this way we can know the evolution of the Individual Physiological Profile of the athlete and analyze the evolution produced by training.

Learn more about the Individual Physiological Profile

Knowing your Physiological Profile allows us to establish the most suitable training schedule and dose to optimize your time and achieve your sporting goals.


All In Your Mind Training System Methodology

My methodology is rooted in the All In Your Mind Training System.

It is a method that is based on more than ten years of scientific studies applied to endurance athletes, but that at the same time respects the nature of the athlete, their abilities, their family and work balance, and their emotional situation, where the purpose is to achieve a balance between science and experience.

Learning and communication

Training planning is an empirical (non-scientific) method, and as such, the response, both physical and mental, will be different to the same training in two athletes. For this reason, the role of the athlete’s sensations and feedback is as or more important than the methods applied with scientific support. Full athlete commitment will never be achieved if this balance is not achieved.

Process Phases

  1. Interview (health history, sports history, availability, social support, preliminary goals)
  2. Performance Assessment (Individual Physiological Profile and Strength Assessment)
  3. Selivery of results
  4. Goal Determination
  5. Individualized Planning and Scheduling
  6. Execution
  7. Monitoring and Control
  8. We start a new cycle returning to step 2

get the most out of your workouts

Let’s create a well-structured training plan, including exercises suitable for your goals and level of physical condition.

Training Planning Rates

Request for the rates depending on your sports modality

Check prices for additional options:

  • Access to the in-person Running training group on Wednesdays from 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m
  • Strength training sessions in small groups of 3 to 5 people
  • Additional performance evaluations
  • Face-to-face individual strength, technique or resistance training



  • Performance Test for each sports discipline
  • Electrocardiogram and ecocardiogram to discard ant congenital heart disease.

The monthly fee includes:

  • Initial face-to-face interview
  • Joint definition of calendar and objectives
  • AIYM Athlete App
  • Planning resistance and strength training by objectives
  • Intensity distribution by power, heart rate and/or pace
  • Analysis and strategy of objective competitions
  • Nutritional Strategy during competition
  • Communication by WhatsApp Monday and Thursday for unforeseen events or changes in planning
  • Monthly phone call and quarterly follow-up face-to-face meeting
  • Access to the in-person Running training group on Wednesdays from 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.
  • 15% Discount in Performance Tests (25% from the second in a year fro the same sports discipline)
  • Discounts on high-quality sports nutrition products: Herooj and Xtratus
  • Discounts on Performance Evaluation, Sports Nutrition, Massage and Physiotherapy services at FORSA Training & Health

train as a team and multiply your results

Sharing your goals and challenges will keep you motivated and engaged, helping you push your limits and achieve goals you never thought possible.

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