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Training Planning and Performance Evaluation in Endurance Sports

Triathlon and Running Coach

Training Planning

Personalized training plan with customized programming, communication, recording and training analysis. Platforms All in Your Mind, Training Peaks, WKO5…

Performance Evaluation

As an athlete you will want a well-founded planning with a good base. With state-of-the-art equipment, various protocols and procedures, we will provide you with the evaluation you need.

Physiology applied to endurance sport

Physiology applied to sport and resistance training planning are my passion. My specialty is the physical preparation and physiological evaluation of triathletes and long-distance runners, so if your main interest is to improve your performance in any of these disciplines or their modalities, most likely my services will suit your needs.

  • Triathlon: Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman, Ironman, Ultraman
  • Running: 5Km, 10km, Half Marathon, Marathon or Trail Running


Do you have doubts such as:

Is it possible to improve my performance without increasing the training volume?

Can I continue to compete at the highest level without getting injured?

Can I continue progressing despite my age?

Have I reached the limit of my possibilities?

Will I be able to finish that test that I would like?

Together we can solve them professionally, with method and with the necessary protocols.

Commitment, perseverance and confidence in the process

The answer to these questions is usually positive most of the time. The most important thing is to find harmony between the reality of the athlete and the planning, so that the athlete acquires commitment, perseverance and confidence in the training process.


My method is based on planning by objectives since, in my opinion, it is what will allow us to carry out all the steps to find this harmony with greater reliability, allowing the athlete to continue progressing, maintaining their motivation, and consequently, improving their performance.

Training Planning

In goal-based planning, it is very unlikely that two athletes have the same planning, not only because they can start from different levels, ambitions or availability, but also because each one must work on the individual variables (physiological, biomechanical, technical, and psychological) that limit or determine your performance for your target competition.

Learn more about my Methodology and the All In Your Mind Methodology

Performance Evaluation

The physiological evaluation is a first step to know your characteristics in a sports discipline. It is not only about finding out what the state of form is at a certain moment, but it will help us to know your limitations and your strengths, and therefore it will provide information, both to you and to your coach, on how to redirect your training to continue progressing towards your goals.

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