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I have always been passionate about sports, both as a practitioner and as a spectator.

During my youth I practiced sports such as tennis, indoor soccer and basketball, to which I dedicated a large part of those years. Unfortunately, a severe injury kept me from competitive sport for quite some time and I spent a few years practicing sport at a recreational level while studying engineering. Shortly after finishing my degree, I discovered the exciting world of running and triathlon, which fascinated me and during these many years I still have not been able to get rid of it. First as an amateur athlete, doing several short and long distance races, cross country and triathlons, and now of course, from another much more rewarding and vocational perspective for me, helping others to fulfill their dreams.

Exploring the fascinating world of training and its unique impact on each individual

From almost the first moment, I was not only interested in training, but also in why, how and when, and I was excited to see how the crowds, even doing the same training, had such different responses to it, both physically and as emotional. Immediately I began to browse, learn, train and study for what really excited me, what is now my passion. All this has allowed me to meet a lot of people, coaches, athletes and colleagues, and to train in various clubs. Thanks to this I have had the opportunity to have prepared a multitude of athletes (runners and triathletes) and have helped them achieve their goals.

Discovering the AIYM methodology: Science, communication and success in sports training

Along the way I was very lucky to meet Jonathan-Esteve Lanao, PhD in Physical Activity Sciences, recognized for his scientific publications and co-founder of All In Your Mind, first as a teacher and later as a colleague. With him I continued and continue to train, and I ended up implementing his AIYM methodology, based on scientific studies and tested on a multitude of professional and amateur athletes for more than 10 years. Throughout this time, I have managed to find a balanced working method through science, communication and common sense, making the commitment and satisfaction level of my athletes increase year after year.


Training planning and performance evaluation in endurance sports.

High performance coach.


  • Level II Triathlon Coach specialist in long distance (FETRI)
  • Postgraduate Expert in Physiology and Marathon Training (UCAM)
  • AIYM Level III Trainer (All In Your Mind System)
  • PNOĒ Metabolic Analysis Certification Program
  • Elements System Training
  • Senior Engineer (URL)


Setting goals is the first step to transform the invisible into visible.

I intend to get the best out of each athlete by focusing on individualization, readjusting and adapting based on athlete feedback.

The main objective is the education of the athlete, offering them some tools to know how to train, achieve personal satisfaction in a healthy way, and in some cases, to learn to enjoy suffering.

A goal without a plan is just a wish


Respect yourself, accept yourself, know yourself, move; Do not wait more.

Promoting my work methodology as a safe and guaranteed option, based on the athlete’s own experience, is a priority.

I wish to transmit these values ​​as a guide for my clients, with the aim that they have both control of themselves and the evolution of their own training.


The path to an achievement does not always follow a linear trajectory.

  • PERSONALIZATION: Two athletes with the same objective do not have to follow the same path.
  • LEARNING: You never know enough.
  • COMMITMENT: Absolute involvement and dedication in each project/athlete.
  • EXCELLENCE: Adaptability.
  • HONESTY: Acceptance capacity. A resignation cannot suppose frustration.
  • PASSION: without passion there is no evolution.


It has a support team that gives you the necessary confidence and security to be able to perform at your best in your sport.

What do you think who has tried?

The opinion of the athletes who have passed through our hands.

  • Comprimise 100% 100%
  • Answer 92% 92%
  • Individual Trait 98% 98%
  • Knowledge 97% 97%
  • Experience 93% 93%
  • Satisfaction 99% 99%

Mercè Estivill

Excel·lent entrenador, i més enllà dels seus coneixements, destacaria la capacitat que te d’adaptar-se a la realitat i possibilitats de cadascú. Sempre pendent de resoldre dubtes o donar explicacions. Amb ell he aconseguit acabar un Ironman sense lesionar-me pel camí! No m’ho creia al creuar la meta!!

Mercè Estivill

Xavi Figuerola

Amb en Robert m’he redescobert com a atleta. Sap trobar quins són els teus punts forts i febles, i allò que has de treballar per seguir progressant. Era qui necessitava per donar un pas endavant en el meu rendiment com a corredor.

Xavi Figuerola

Dani Vaqué

Entesa mútua desde el primer moment. Flexible en l’adaptació d’entrenaments i clar en les explicacions, sent realista a l’hora de determinar objetius.
El Robert és capaç de treure el millor de tu sense desgastar el teu ànim, pemetent-te gaudir del procés.

Dani Vaqué

Kate Jefferies

Incredibly professional, very reliable, and always thinking of what’s best for the athlete. Robert is a top level athletic trainer!

Kate Jefferies

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