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Combined Metabolic Assessment

Modalities: Medium or long distance triathlon
Duration: 3h
Price: €200


About the Evaluation

This test provides all the information provided by the complete metabolic evaluation in the cycling modality, plus an additional report verifying energy expenditure and metabolic stability at the target competition rates in triathlon, in a transition from cycling to running. The ability to sustain a fixed intensity and the nutritional needs in competition are evaluated, especially in medium and long distance triathlon athletes, through a long duration test where gas analysis and lactate measurement are performed.


The Assessment Report

  • Body composition
  • Physiological variables: Maximum Oxygen Consumption (VO2max), Maximum Aerobic Power or Velocity (MAP/MAV), Ventilatory Thresholds and Energy Efficiency.
  • Individual Physiological Profile (AIYM)
  • Training zones by pace/power, heart rate and perceived exertion.
  • Energy expenditure at rest and energy consumption by training zone
  • Lactate curve evolution report
  • Energy expenditure and metabolic stability at competition rates in running and cycling.

Assessment Prerequisites

  • Go fasting for 3-4 hours (no more than 5 hours of fasting). You can drink water.
  • The cycling tests are carried out on the athlete’s own bicycle.
  • Bring sportswear and competition shoes
  • Bring the sports nutrition and hydration that will be taken in competition (the right amount for 2h-3h of competition)
  • It is necessary NOT to have done demanding training or lower trunk strength during the previous two days
  • Men: shaved or with little beard, and shaved chest area.
  • Women: not be in the pre-menstrual or menstrual phase of the cycle

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