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Sports Ergospirometry

Modalities: Cycling or Race
Duration: 1h 30min
Price: €120


About the Evaluation

This evaluation is adequate to know the physiological characteristics of the athlete and the level of performance at a specific moment of the season, in order to carry out the most appropriate planning and program for their objectives. One is performed by analysis of aspirated gases (O2 and CO2) in an incremental protocol and another at constant intensity.


The Assessment Report

  • Physiological variables: Maximum Oxygen Consumption (VO2max), Maximum Aerobic Power or Velocity (MAP/MAV), Ventilatory Thresholds and Energy Efficiency.
  • Individual Physiological Profile (AIYM)
  • Training zones by pace/power, heart rate and perceived exertion.

Assessment Prerequisites

  • The cycling tests are carried out on the athlete’s own bicycle.
  • Bring sportswear and training shoes
  • It is necessary NOT to have done demanding training or lower trunk strength during the previous two days
  • Men: shaved or with little beard, and shaved chest area.
  • Women: not be in the pre-menstrual or menstrual phase of the cycle

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