Lactate or lactatemia test

Modalities: Swimming, Cycling or Running
Duration: 1h
Price: €90


About the Evaluation

This test evaluates the evolution of blood lactate in an incremental protocol of intensity or by blocks. From it, the training zones are extracted at a certain moment of the season, or the lactate stability is confirmed at a fixed competition intensity. This test is useful to analyze the evolution of the training zones during a training block, or to confirm the ability to sustain a rhythm, depending on the time or duration of the objective competition.


The Assessment Report

  • Training zones by pace/power, heart rate and perceived exertion.
  • Evolution of the lactate curve, heart rate and perceived exertion, compared with previous tests
  • MAP/VAM, first metabolic threshold and second metabolic threshold
  • In running tests, cycle frequency per step/intensity.

Assessment Prerequisites

  • The cycling tests are carried out on the athlete’s own bicycle.
  • Bring sportswear and training shoes.
  • In the race pace confirmation tests, it is necessary to bring competition clothing and nutrition.
  • It is necessary NOT to have done demanding training or lower trunk strength during the previous two days
  • Men: shaved chest area.
  • Women: not be in the pre-menstrual or menstrual phase of the cycle

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